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District C - Los Feliz Village

District C is the heart of Los Feliz and home to pedestrian-friendly Los Feliz Village. When people think of Los Feliz, they probably think of the boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, theaters, and dive bars lining Hillhurst and Vermont. The south side of this area is also where two of LA’s most-recognized boulevards, Hollywood and Sunset, converge.

Many of the dining establishments here are known for celebrity sightings, and it’s not unusual to see film crews at work or the paparazzi hanging around. This is also the spot where late-night diners go when everything else is closed — House of Pies and Fred 62, both on Vermont Avenue, are open as late as 4 am.

Other notable destinations include the historic Los Feliz 3 and Vista cinemas, with their eye-catching neon-rimmed marquees; and the Dresden, featuring long-time lounge crooners Marty and Elayne. The Elysian Masonic Lodge (the LFNC meeting place) can be found in District C, as well as several houses of worship, including a Sikh temple and a Catholic church. District C is also where, in the early 1920’s, a young Walt Disney began working on animation in the garage of his aunt and uncle’s bungalow at 4406 Kingswell Avenue. The building still stands today.

District C is bordered by Los Feliz Boulevard to the north, Vermont Avenue to the west, and Hollywood Boulevard/Sunset Boulevard to the south. The east border runs along Commonwealth Avenue to Prospect Avenue and down Hoover Street.

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Leonardo de Caprio on Russell Avenue Mur
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District C Representative


Environmental Affairs (Chair)

Term Ends Spring 2021

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District C Representative



Environmental AffairsHomelessnessHousing (Chair)

Term Ends Spring 2023

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District C Representative



Cultural Affairs



Public Health and Safety

Public Safety on Hollywood blvd. at Lyman and Berendo Ad-Hoc

Term Ends Spring 2023


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