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Available September 1st! New CA Covid-19 Rent Relief Program: Housing is Key

Last week, Mayor Garcetti announced a new partnership between the City of Los Angeles and the State of California that will allow Angelenos to access additional state and federal rental assistance funds. This means all qualified applicants who have already applied for assistance will be able to access funding, and eligible renters and landlords who have not previously applied for funding can submit applications for rent relief starting Wednesday, September 1st.

Renters and landlords will be able to apply for assistance through the State program starting at 7 AM on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 via Additional assistance is provided with the appointment call center at 833-687-0967, and at Family Source Centers across the City.

Renters who have already applied to the City’s program will be provided with detailed instructions on next steps. More information is available at

As more information becomes available in the coming weeks, the Council District 4 office will continue to serve as a resource for any constituents requiring assistance with application submission, tracking, and troubleshooting. In the last open round of the City’s Emergency Renters Assistance Program, CD4 provided individualized application help for tenants and landlords — providing assistance uploading documents, filling out the forms and checking in on their status with HCID.

CD4 encourages landlords and tenants with questions about eligibility, applications, or the process to reach out. You can write to the Council offie at, or call during working hours at 213-473-7004.


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