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Meet Your New 2021 LFNC Governing Board

The Los Angeles City Clerk’s Office on April 21 announced the winners of the 2021 neighborhood council elections for Region 7. Of the nine newly elected board members to the LFNC, six are new faces and three were re-elected and will be returning to their positions.

The following candidates won their seats and are new to the board: Jeffrey Miller, District A; Des Sedaghat, District B; Aida Ashouri, District C; ; Molly Prather, District E; and Danny Rocco, Public Health & Safety Community Interest Representative.

The following candidates were re-elected to their existing positions: Misty LeGrande, District D; Céline Vacher, Business Community Interest Representative; Erica Villardi-Espinosa, Education Community Interest Representative; and Meggan Ellingboe, Recreation Community Interest Representative.

Of the approximately 44,000 residents in Los Feliz, 909 registered to vote, and 537 ballots were tallied. This was the first city-wide vote-by-mail neighborhood council election.

The LFNC would like to thank the following outgoing members of the Governing Board for their work on the council: Joanne Kim, District A; Hanna Assad, District B; Julia Forgie, District C; Giuseppe Asaro, District E; and Mike Hain, Public Health & Safety. Neighborhood council positions are volunteer positions that involve community-building, contributing to neighborhood improvement and staying abreast of current affairs at the hyper-local and city level. The tireless work of these individuals was valuable to the community and will not be forgotten.

The LFNC would also like to recognize the individuals who exercised their stakeholder privilege by casting their votes in this election. Neighborhood councils were created by the City to make sure the concerns and interests of the diverse constituency are heard. Neighborhood council elections occur every two years; to stay plugged in to your local governing body, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter!


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