Candidate Statement for Kate Brandt

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Kate Brandt is running for District B representative. See her statement below.

“I’ve been a resident of vibrant, beautiful Los Feliz for almost eight years, and an enthusiastic supporter of our parks, restaurants, businesses and schools for even longer. I believe that an informed, engaged citizenry begins with high-quality education, and that a community thrives when we collaborate and communicate with each other. In this era of globalization and new urbanism, Los Angeles has unique economic, cultural and infrastructure challenges and strengths. Water use, smart development, historic preservation, parking, traffic safety, helicopter noise, homelessness, recreational space, neighborhood representation at City Hall and creative ways to involve people in our community are some of the areas in which I’d like to help make a positive difference. The LFNC is our opportunity to think globally and act locally – for our city, the environment and the future.

My progressive, civic-minded beliefs are grounded in our country’s founding ideals of participatory democracy, justice and a government of, by and for the people. My interest in public service began with participation in high school and college student government, and continues with my charitable and corporate board involvement. I recently participated in the Board Leadership Program at Warner Bros., which supports executives in serving on the boards of nonprofit organizations; I’m on the Brain Trust of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media; as a board member of OUT@Warner Bros., I work closely with our community partner, the Youth Center on Highland, which serves homeless and at-risk LGBT youth; and I recently began working with the nonprofit Girls Who Code. I’ve learned a great deal about working effectively and diplomatically with many different kinds of people and personalities, and I enjoy helping to create synergy among individuals and groups with shared goals, so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. I would be honored to represent Los Feliz on the LFNC.”

Thank you Kate!


Candidate Statement for Robbie Bellamy

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Robbie Bellamy is running for District B Representative. See his statement below.

“I moved to Southern California without any prospective residence in mind, until I stumbled upon Los Feliz. Once here, I embraced the communal atmosphere and began to engage in local activities, Neighborhood Council Day of Service events, and other volunteer efforts to give back to the community that took me in. Among the various leadership roles I have had in the past, I also bring forward experience in education, cultural events, public service, and legal outreach. I look forward to being an asset to this area and making open-minded, commonsense decisions while establishing creative initiatives that impact residents and those who enjoy Los Feliz. I want to be your District B representative.”

Thank you Robbie!

We currently have vacancies in A, B, and D. Interested applicants will need to submit a brief statement of their qualifications and intention to run for a specific seat. Candidate will be required to make a brief presentation and subsequent selections will be made by a board vote.   

E-mail with questions



Seeking Committee Members!

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Not ready to be on the board? Joining a committee is a fantastic alternative. Are there specific interests you have in the comunity? There's probably a committee for that!

Head here to find out more.

Public Safety is the next committee meeting on the agenda scheduled for August 12th at 6:30pm.


Join our Governing Board!

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First of all, a big THANK YOU to Chris McKinley, District B Representative and VP of Communications, for his service to the neighborhood. He contributed so much in his time with us and he will be missed. 

We currently have three vacancies in District A, B, & D. If you've been thinking about getting involved, joining the board is a great way to do so! 

Click here to see a map and find your district.

Once candidates come forward, the appointments will be voted on at an upcoming public meeting of the Governing Board.

Interested?  E-mail us to learn more.


Senior Lead Officer Summit

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On behalf of the LAPD Northeast Division, your Neighborhood Prosecutor (NP), Gabrielle Taylor, invites you to come and meet your Northeast Senior Lead and Community Relations staff at Barnsdall Park on Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 6:00 pm. Please see below flyer.

Senio Lead Summit_2 (1)

Direct any and all inquiries regarding this event to (323) 344-5715 (LAPD Community Relations Office).




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