Candidate Statement for Chris Lim

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Chris Lim is running for District D Representative. See his statement below.

“Ten years ago I tried to convince my wife to move to Silver Lake; she prevailed, and we landed in Los Feliz instead. I count myself lucky.  In my opinion, Los Feliz is the very best neighborhood in the very best city in the United States. First, there is wonderful amount of diversity here: old and new, rich and poor, as well as an invigorating range of cultural, racial, and religious difference. Second, Los Feliz is one of the precious few walking neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Finally, we have this stunningly beautiful physical environment to enjoy with its sublime architecture, hulking park, and perfect weather.

In the ten years since my family first moved into a District D fourplex on Avocado Street, we have sunk roots. My wife and I purchased a house just around the corner on Commonwealth Avenue—still in District D—and our daughter recently started kindergarten at Franklin Elementary. My ties continue to grow even stronger. Soon I plan to open a law practice and hope to locate my office here in the neighborhood.

While Los Feliz is certainly wonderful in its current form, I am sure that we can collectively make it an even better place to live, work, and visit. For instance, I would like to see more bicycle lanes and neighborhood beautification projects as well as improved mass transportation to the neighborhood. It is also important that future real estate development occur sensibly. Finally, I hope that city policy will encourage and not hinder the development of our local businesses.

I see the Neighborhood Council as an important instrument to navigate the inevitable changes our neighborhood must face. To some degree, Los Feliz’s success is also its curse, since real estate developers and other forms of commercial money are eager to have their new projects sited here. In Los Angeles, like most places, money buys access. This problem will surely become even more pronounced post-Citizens United. Even before that awful US Supreme Court decision, it cost more to run for an LA City Council seat than for Congress. The upshot is that our locally elected municipal leaders owe plenty of political favors to their well-heeled donors. The Neighborhood Council is one counterweight to big money. It is with this relationship in mind that I hope to become a Los Feliz Neighborhood Council District D Representative.”

Thank you Chris!


Calling all Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins!

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Get ready to show us your most BOO-tiful home decor.

The LFNC is having a Halloween Home Decorating Contest and we want to see your spooktacular creations.

Participants must live within the LFNC boundaries and entries are due by October 31st.

Click Here to find out more. Send photos to communications@losfeliznc.org



NCBA -LA Newsletter

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The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Budget Representatives have put out their first newsletter of the new budget season. In it, they discuss the August 2014 Budget Day, the 2014 Neighborhood Council Congress and introduce us to this years Budget Advocates.

To read the full newsletter, click here.


Candidate Statement for Reid Dammann

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Reid Dammann is running for District A Representative. See his statement below.

“I moved to the Los Feliz area in 2005. As a runner, Griffith Park lured me to the location and the community keeps me here. The civic engagement and atmosphere provide for a very rich experience for all who live in the area. I am a partner at a mid-sized law firm in downtown Los Angeles. This experience has allowed me to manage and lead in intense high-pressure situations and further provides the framework to analyze, interpret and draft language that has an affect. Taken together, I believe that as a District A representative, I be an asset in enhancing the Los Feliz community.”

Thank you Reid!


Congrats to Kate Brandt, our new District B rep!

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At the August 19th meeting we elected Kate Brandt as a District B Representative. Welcome to the LFNC Kate!

Below are the results of the election and you can click to see the final tally from each board member.

District B Representative: Kate Brandt




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